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Accelerator Packs

North is offering funded IoT Accelerator Packs to councils across the country allowing them to investigate and evaluate the power of the Internet of Things (IoT).  Fully funded packs include intelligent lighting, waste management, air quality, social housing, water monitoring and building health offering local authorities the opportunity to transform operations, create safer, more productive communities and environments, and deliver sustainable energy and cost efficiencies.

IoT Accelerator Packs include:


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Intelligent Lighting

Remote monitoring, management and control of street lighting enables valuable data insights to be captured that lead to performance improvements, including energy and cost efficiencies, a lower carbon footprint and enhanced public services.

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Waste Management

Smart waste management detects fill levels and understands and predicts usage trends, notifying local authorities of collection dates, enabling them to reduce environmental hazards and plan more efficient routes.


Social Housing

Intelligent housing solutions reduce maintenance costs by using sensors to gain real-time insights into the property health and enabling the housing provider’s limited resources to better support tenants and avoid costly refurbishments.

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Air Quality

Measuring and reporting on temperature, humidity and pressure and primary air pollutants, allows environmental teams to access and collate measurements in real-time more easily and frequently than traditional manual processes.


Water Monitoring

Water monitoring solutions helps organisations to maximise water safety by continuously monitoring and measuring water temperature to identify and reduce the risk of legionella and other bacteria.


Building Health

Working in buildings with poor indoor environmental conditions can have a detrimental effect on an occupant’s health, in particular high levels of CO₂ saturation affect productivity, comfort, absence rates and learning retention.

How it Works

Kits are fully funded – there is no cost for consultation, set-up or support.

North will guide you through the end-to-end process, from consultation to selection and evaluating performance. We will ensure you achieve maximum value and benefit from the 12-month trial.  In return, all we ask is for your proactive support to help evaluate the solution and assess the impact on your organisation.

Accelerator Packs comprise of sensors, back-end services, IoT Scotland network connectivity and professional services to facilitate the rollout.


One council already adopting IoT technology across the IoT Scotland network is the Highland Council, with schools, care homes, leisure centres and council offices amongst those being transformed into smart buildings. Through the use of smart IoT sensors, data and insights captured from within Council buildings including the monitoring of CO2 levels, temperature, humidity, ventilation, energy consumption and light levels, are set to reduce costs and carbon emissions, whilst improving the environment for young people, elderly care home residents, members of the local community, and council staff.


If you are interested in taking advantage of a funded IoT Accelerator Pack simply complete our online enquiry form..